What If?

What If?

What if I don’t wanna grow up?

What if I wanna stay little

Like flowers that peddle don’t fold

or a tree with no roots

who’s gonna make me take responsibility

I’m not ready

I miss failing with no worries

Not caring

Being able to be me

No stress about future ready

I have silly adventures

silly little goals

Nothing to hold on to

Nothing to grow

I don’t wanna get old

Don’t want commitment

Hate having to fight the temptation

of skipping a class

fussing at a teacher

getting into fights

it’s all fun – it’s just my future now

how did everything go so fast

wow, that scares me

failing, not making it

I’m happy until I worry

The features heavy

carrying weight on my shoulders

won’t compare

feels more like failing is sitting on my back

Only way to pass is reaching failing’s destination

failing scares me

makes me feels empty


being scared of failing makes me the best me