“I Will” Lyrical Breakdown: A Song about Acceptance


I Will is a song from Mitski’s  album Bury Me at Makeout Creek, which was released in 2016. Mitski has stated that her music and the meaning behind her lyrics are up for interpretation to consumers. Personally, I believe this song represents the want to support and care for the person you love. I highly recommend listening to the song while reading this analysis in order to feel and understand the vulnerability in Mitski’s words. I will be breaking down each verse and the chorus. Without further ado, let’s get into the lyrics.


Verse 1
“I will take good care of you
I will take good care of you
Everything you feel is good
If you would only let you

I will wash your hair at night
And dry it off with care

I will see your body bare
And still I will live here”

I see the first verse as a way of saying “I will love all of your flaws no matter what.” Many people, if not everyone, have struggled and dealt with some kind of body insecurity. Learning self love and respect can be a very long process and can be especially difficult when going through it alone. Therefore, I see this verse as a way of one person saying to another that they will help them through the good and the bad, and that they’ll always have support throughout the process, almost as if they were saying, “I will love every single part of you no matter how much you hate certain parts.”

“So stay with me
Hold my hand
There’s no need
To be brave”

When it comes to relationships, it can be very hard for some people to be vulnerable due to the fact that they don’t want to be seen as weak. I believe that the chorus is expressing and showing that as long as you stick with the right person, you won’t need to put up an act. You’re allowed to let your guard down since you have them there to protect and support you.


[Verse 2]
“And all the quiet nights you bear
Seal them up with care
No one needs to know they’re there
For I will hold them for you
‘Cause all I ever wanted is here
All I ever wanted
All I want is
Always you
It’s always you
And we’re not out of the tunnel
I bet you, though, there’s an end

What this verse is saying to me is that there is going to be a bumpy road in any relationship, and it won’t be perfect. Although this may be the case, this verse is saying that “I care about you and love you so much that I will push us to get through these roads ahead. When we do get through this, we’ll both see how the hardships were worth it, because now at the end of them, we still have each other.

“Stay with me
Hold my hand
There’s no need
To be brave
And while you sleep
I’ll be scared

So by the time you wake
I’ll be brave
I’ll be brave
I’ll be brave”

The chorus is a good way to wrap it up this song. What the first four lines reaffirm that you don’t need to put up a front. “I will still be there for you and you’re allowed to let all your walls come down. I’ll never judge you for your imperfections and problems, and I’ll stay with you through all of them.” With the last six lines, this is her admitting that she puts up a front and has her own insecurities but doesn’t want to show them to this person she is singing to. She’s basically doing all the things she doesn’t want this person to do to her. Sometimes we’re really good at giving advice, but most of us could improve at taking advice.