What Happened to Me?


What’s happened to me?

I’m tired.

This house no longer feels like home.

I miss having friends.

I miss my siblings.

I miss life.

I miss what proudly felt like home.

The world around me is slowly collapsing.

The ground beneath is falling into a pit of darkness.

Piece by piece I’ve watched it fall.

Perhaps, is this the end?

I’m left hanging on to it all.

As I fall.

The simplest things have become seemingly impossible.

I leave it to myself to care and provide for others.

It’s easier.

It’s easier to put a smile upon their faces.

I am a provider of care, but not when it comes to me.

When it comes to me, I’ve lost all motivation.

Here it comes, the hesitation.

When my job is done, at the end of the day, I am all that is left.

I am left to care for my own self, however I cannot.

When it comes to me, I feel so worthless, alone, cold.

I want to be held and comforted in the arms of the light but, yet the darkness.

The darkness is the cradle, the darkness is my caretaker.

My worth, is lost.

My life, thrown away.

These things are out of hand.

I no longer recognize my reflection.

Where is that perfect complexion?

The mirrors I wish I could shatter.

The tears by now have drained.

Why am I like this?

I want an escape.

An escape from my own self would be quite nice.

I wish I had not grown up so soon.

Too soon.