The Pronouns Should be Held Responsible

The Pronouns Should be Held Responsible

Who gets to decide our fate for knowledge?

Why should we be limited to this way of life?

Is it up to them to hide the truth, that’s hidden in the books, right in front of You?

Do we really care enough to open a book to learn the information?

Or do we only care when it becomes defamation to our character?

We can blame, blame, blame and play the name game, but what good would that do?

When we have the right to petition, the right to go against, and yet STILL we won’t pick up that fence

And move it until, We¬†say unlimited, unbanned, Why won’t this cycle ever end?

Generations, upon generations, we think, we’ve thought, we’ve fought, we’re fighting.

For what’s called better education, but how can it be better when we cover up the truth,

And dress it in a sweater like it’s winter in negative degree weather.

Who gets to make the decision that less is better?

Gets to sugarcoat or give cut-throat notes on what I should learn, concerning life.

The one place I go to receive knowledge, is also the place where I perceive knowledge as a thing of the past.

So I ask again,

Who gets to decide My fate for knowledge?

Why should I be limited to the way of life?

Is it up to Me and You to reveal the truths that are hidden in the books that are in our view?